Questions and Answers


How far in advance do I have to schedule?

Everyone would love to just pick up the phone and get what they need right away. I've had customers contact me on Thursday wanting to schedule a shoot for Saturday. Like most businesses, it's best to make an appointment a few weeks in advance to guarantee your preferred date and time. I try to help everyone out and fit them in when possible, but sessions book up fast and I usually need at least 3 weeks notice before bookings. My busy season is when everyone wants boudoir pictures done. From November to February, I usually need at least 4 to 5 weeks notice.


Do you bring anyone else on the shoot or do you mind if someone is there with me?

Boudoir sessions can be intimidating for a lot of women. It's my job to make you feel as comfortable as possible and I do everything I can to ensure that happens. I come alone to every shoot with the exception of my makeup artist if she is needed. I feel the less people, the better. While it doesn't bother me if you decide to have someone with you to ease the nerves, it sometimes hurts the session more than it helps. The choice is totally up to you, I just want to let you know what seems to work the best for most clients.


How soon will I get my pictures back?

This just depends on the type of session and what time of year it is. I try my hardest to get everyone's images to them in a 3 week period with the exception of weddings. 


The pics look so good online, why didn't they come out great when I went to Wal-Mart to get them printed?

The answer is in the question. Any chain store doesn't have the proper equipment to produce the image quality you expect from proffesional pictures. We use a lot of drastic colors and lighting which can't be duplicated at discount labs. Everyone wants image discs with there packages, which is great for online albums and quick prints on the run. If you want photos to put on display or for giving to family members for the holidays, I strongly advise going through me to get the best quality prints. We have great package deals and offer a lot of services that most chain stores don't have access to.


Another photographer is willing to give me all the images from the session, do you do that?

There will always be images taken at every session that just shouldn't be seen by anyone. Goofy faces, messed up hair, etc. While I don't offer every single image, I do offer a package deal where you can get up to 100 unedited images from the session.


I'm sorry but I have to cancel my appointment for tomorrow, can I get my deposit back?

 I totally understand if things come up, but if you cancel, I've lost out on a spot for the day. I require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit on all session. This is to ensure I don't completely loose out on a session. I plan the sessions and get everything ready for the shoot beforehand. I don't want to start a job only to find out I won't get paid for my time and effort. If you reschedule within three weeks of the original shoot, the deposit will still be applied.